Welcome to Scholz & Friends Zurich

Creative solutions for a complex world

We transform contacts and messages into experiences – in all situations and on all channels. Our work shapes our understanding of Swiss culture and the various language regions. As a communications agency, we serve a broad spectrum of industries. Our expertise ranges from media brands to federal agencies to enterprises specializing in fast-moving consumer goods. With a great deal of joy in our work and commitment to our mission, we develop ideas that surprise, persuade, and make a lasting impression.

Our work

The smallest large agency in Switzerland

Scholz & Friends Zurich is “the smallest large agency in Switzerland.” Working on behalf of Swiss clients from nearly every industry, we have been developing outstanding strategies and communication with creative ambition since 2003.

We are a well-rehearsed team of manageable size with a good feel for and understanding of the local market. We take into account the ways in which all parts of the country differ. Internationally, we have a broad network of more than 1000 Friends in seven locations, with whom we can cooperate on a flexible basis as required. As a small unit, we can offer an enormously broad range of expertise and achieve great things with great efficiency.

Scholz & Friends also has a strategic partnership with VMLY&R, one of the world’s most creative agencies. This relationship gives our clients the opportunity to take advantage of international solutions in more than 40 countries.


Welcome to the round table

Since 1981, the Scholz & Friends round table has stood for collaborative work on an equal footing. Our round table is the meeting place of all the experts needed to select and develop the right orchestration of each project. Agility from the very beginning is crucial to us. Thanks to our network of more than 1000 Friends in seven locations, we can offer the right specialists to meet every communications challenge. However, we are also happy to work with external agency partners if requested by the client.

Our team

Mathias Rösch


Christian Vosshagen

Creative Director

David Fischer

Creative Director

Anna Hunsrucker-Franke

Account Director

Alessia Balatti

Event Manager

Aster Loerli

Junior Art Director

Barbara Hartmann

Senior Art Director

Céline Pellet

Senior Event Manager

Denise Koch

Finance / People & Culture

Diana Piccinno

Senior Event Manager

Elisa Stahel

Group Account Director

Elodie Caucigh

Senior Account Manager

Eleonora Isaak

Event Manager

Franziska Stäger

Senior Copywriter

Georgina Ly

Event Access Manager for Wealth Management

Isabelle Tissot

Senior Event Manager

Joana Faria

Senior Art Director

Kim Sälzler

Senior Event Manager

Lina Del Villano

Ticketing Manager



Martin Arnold

Creative Director

Martina Freyenmuth

Senior Event Manager

Mario Lanfranchi

Senior Event Manager

Nhan Nguyen

Junior Account Manager

Naomi Holzer

Senior Event Manager

Patrick Bucher

Senior Copywriter

Petra Wirz

Head of Event Marketing

Ramon Zahnd

Junior Account Manager

Ramona Zwyer

Account Manager

Sergej Jezelev

Event Manager

Sonja Zimmerli

Senior Event Manager

Susi Miller

Strategy Director

Victoria Kirsch

Senior Account Manager

Véronique Forster-Saillard

Account Service Director